Job Opportunities



☆Staff emergency offer☆


It is targeted for offer●Part-time job urgent recruitment
●Warm welcome which is spirited, and likes cheerful person, one with a sense of responsibility, waiting on customers!
●Of course even apparel beginner is OK!
●University student and vocational school student is welcome, too!
QualificationThere is particularly no
Work contentsSales force
Working hours●Full-time ... eight hours (break 90 minutes)
●Reduction of working hours duty from four hours a day is OK, too!
Please feel free to contact for working hours.

Salary●Full-time ... hourly wage 1,000 yen ...
●Reduction of working hours, student ... hourly wage 950 yen ...
※Internship ... 900 yen
(there is internship both)
☆There is raise in salary system!
Service●Experienced person kind treatment
●There is regular staff registration
●Long-term priority desired
●There is bonus
Application methodIt is TEL to directly shop
Selection methodIt is given priority to person who can go to the office on Saturday and Sunday
Same day duty possible priority
Equipped with insurance
We provide to 1,000 yen on transportation expenses day
Contact information092-721-8407
You attach photograph to resume, and, after the TEL, please can come to shop in punctuality.
The details in TEL.


Recruitment of parttimers!


It is targeted for offerPart, student, part-time jobber warm welcome
QualificationWe do in particular (more than high-school graduate)
※Inexperienced person welcome
Work contentsWaiting on customers sale such as perfume or colored contact lens, miscellaneous goods
Cash register, product arrival work
Working hoursPart & part-time job (working hours consultation possibility)
Full-time from 9:45 to 20:00 (shift system) actual work around seven hours
One warm welcome that Saturday and Sunday duty is available for
It is OK in 2.3 days a week!
SalaryFrom hourly wage 850 yen (raise in salary system)
Service●Company percent existence
●Supply in the amount of transportation expenses we rule
●Employee appointment existence
Application methodAt first please call
Selection methodWe have an interview at any time
Contact information090-1082-8023 (charge Sato)
◇As you perform interview at any time, please call in the contact information mentioned above.



☆★ Job Opportunities ★☆

Paradise Paradise

It is targeted for offer♪18 years old or older
University student is possible
Qualification♪One with motivation
Work contents♪Sale, waiting on customers of colored contact lenses
♪Display, the making of POP, inventory control
Working hours♪It is shift system of from four hours to eight hours in from 10:00 to 20:00
Holiday, the number of the attendance are osodan
Salary♪Hourly wage 800 yen ...
Service♪There is transportation expenses supply
♪It is presented one box for self-use every month
♪There is staff discount
♪There is incentive with monthly aim clear
Application methodAt first please contact the following person in charge as you set interview day.
On the day please bring resume which you put photograph on.
Contact information[charge]
Kono Kono
We love colored contact lens!
We work happily forward and want to grow up!

Let's try one called this hard together (^ ^); /



★ saria STAFF offer ★


It is targeted for offerPart-time job, regular staff
QualificationOne OK that is inexperienced more than high-school graduate!
Work contentsWaiting on customers, sale, display etc
Working hoursIt is shift of actual work eight hours
Salary[A] Hourly wage 950 yen
Hourly wage 870 yen (we take a rest on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
※Hourly wage 930 yen (student)
[company] Salary 192,000 yen / university graduate
  Salary 186,000 yen / sen short; is a graduate
  Salary 178,000 yen / high-school graduate
ServiceTransportation expenses supply, employee discount system equipped with social insurance
Bonus system, raise in salary once a year, bonus twice a year
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays holiday system, paid vacation, congratulations or condolence vacation
Regular staff appointment system, etc.
Application methodPlease call in the following toll free number.
We decide the interview date and time to convenience.
Contact information0120-28-8108 ladies' pigeon shop
Including question please feel free to contact.


Job offer offer☆


It is targeted for offer18 years old ...
QualificationInexperienced person welcome!
Under woman staff achievement of 10-20 generations!
Work contentsWaiting on customers, merchandise management, cash register duties
Working hoursFrom 9:30 to 20:30 (shift system)
※Actual work 7-8 hours (2 shift / osodan)
SalaryHourly wage 800 yen - 1,000 yen
☆Road supply according to transportation expenses
ServiceStaff discount, raise in salary are occasional, and make lesson is free
Employee appointment system
Contact informationAt first please call casually
Malin group adoption charge
〒810-0001 3-5-9, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Tenjin Malin building 2F



Ladies' Waiting on customers, sales force

Pink Mix

It is targeted for offerPerson liking PinkMix is welcome!
QualificationMore than high-school graduate
Work contentsSale, merchandise management
Working hoursIt is rotation system between from 9:45 to 20:15
Salary950 yen (as for the term of trial 800 yen)
ServiceThere are social insurance, unemployment insurance
We pay the actual expenses to transportation expenses 20,000 yen
Bonus system, employee discount system
Application methodAt first please call.
Please mail resume afterwards.

3-18-14, Yoshizuka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
It is addressed to premier headquarters (VG/PinkMix) personnel affairs person in charge
Contact informationPinkMix
premier headquarters charge: Tsukada
0120-003-274 (call charge for free)
Reception desk: From Monday to Friday (from 10:00 to 18:00)


We are raising job offers now in PARKbyoneway!

PARK by oneway

It is targeted for offerRight in the middle of fashion trend! Do you not do work of waiting on customers among trendy items received in Tenjin core quickly happily?
Even inexperienced person is reliable ♪ The senior staff supports well!
Qualification・More than high-school graduate (person having qualification that or is equal)
・Student is possible
・Part timer (example from 9:30 to 17:00)
・Inexperienced person warm welcome
・Experienced person kind treatment
Work contents・Waiting on customers sale and duties (display, cash register, getting out product, SNS model, others) of store
It was good that customer that it was come to the store could do shopping in PARK! In addition, we want to come to the store ♪ Please do suggestion and waiting on customers that can think of this; heart02

As our company plans product for the cause, and they often produce opinions of sales floor
Of you "I want such clothes or akusebakku!" It is not dream we develop, and product is done, and to line up in verge store from opinion called this!
Working hoursWe raise together for a short term long term
・Shift shift (osodan)
It is work that can work well for actual work eight hours for five days a week. (break 90 minutes)
(example from 9:30 to 19:00 break 90 minutes)
・Part, student are shift time consultation required
We can work from April as soon as adoption is decided!
Salary・Hourly wage 950 yen - 1,200 yen
(but until internship 150 hours hourly wage 900 yen)
・Transportation expenses supply
(to amount of upper limit - 16,000 yen / month)
Service・Transportation expenses supply (to moon /\16,000)
・Discount 50%OFF (by our rule) in the company
・There is social insurance
・There is person who became manager, head office duty from employee appointment existence part-time job!
Way of career up spreads out depending on perseverance
Application methodWe have you apply over telephone directly or become application from WEB.
※Resume with photograph is necessary on interview.
Selection methodApplication → It is decided interview schedule over telephone → Interview → Adoption
Contact informationTEL 092-781-6558 charge Imaoka
Company HP job offer site
Girls woman

If there is anything, please ask questions a question over the store staff and telephone casually!
TEL 092-781-6558 adoption charge Imaoka

We look forward to your application by all means!


☆★Staff urgent recruitment★☆


It is targeted for offerSales force
QualificationMotivated one! !
Work contentsWaiting on customers, sale and merchandise management
Working hoursShift system until from 9:40 to 20:10
Three a week - OK's
SalaryHourly wage 950 yen
Service・Transportation expenses total amount supply
・Employee appointment system existence
・Employee discount existence

We teach even inexperienced person from the beginning!
Contact informationPlease call to the taboo Tenjin store staff.
TEL 092-716-7504


From November renewal open! ☆★ Job Opportunities★☆


It is targeted for offerSales force
QualificationMotivated one! !
Work contentsWaiting on customers, sale and merchandise management
Working hoursShift system until from 9:40 to 20:10
Three a week - OK's
SalaryHourly wage 950 yen
Service・Transportation expenses total amount supply
・Employee appointment system existence
・Employee discount existence
Application methodTell taboo Tenjin store with Roger hope regarding job offer after the telephone!
Contact informationTEL 092-716-7504
We teach even inexperienced person from the beginning!



We are pretty, but there is many ☆General shop STAFF!!! Part-time jobber, student, warm welcome! It is / (・▽)

Hers her

It is targeted for offerPerson who experienced inexperienced person OK kind treatment
Main duty is OK on student welcome Saturday and Sunday, too
W work OK full-time duty welcome
One welcome to work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
The duty starting date is negotiable.
QualificationAs for the high school student, I'm sorry…
Work contentsMiscellaneous goods sale
Working hoursDuring from 9:30 to 20:00
Two days a week ..., three hours - OK a day!
For 7h - 8h a day, around five days a week and person who wants to work well are welcomed!
SalaryHourly wage 850 yen
ServiceTransportation expenses less than 20,000 supply
Equipped with social insurance
Employee discount existence
It is colored nail, hair and is free to do clothes
Perfect attendance medical treatment 5,000 yen / month (condition existence)
Application methodWe hear from over telephone and become interview.
Please feel free to contact!
Contact information0927386877
Do you not work among pretty miscellaneous goods?
As it is harmonious atmosphere, we work happily♡♡♡
Most of the staff during holding the post are only the general shop inexperienced staff!
As we instruct carefully from the beginning, don't worry (^ ▽ ^)
We want to enjoy fashion that likes miscellaneous goods, and careful work with interest likes to miscellaneous goods, and it likes to describe picture, and wants to enjoy nail,
Any opportunity is fine ☆Please apply for interesting one☆


Recruitment of long-term parttimers


It is targeted for offer・ 18 years old or older
More than ・ high-school graduate
QualificationQualification unnecessary
Work contents*★*- - work contents --* ★*
・Sale (we include fittings such as size measurements)
・Inventory control
・Hanger hook
・Cash register duties
・Ordering duties etc...
Working hours・ from 9:45 to 20:05 
・ actual work 6-8h, three days a week ...
・ shift system
Salary・ hourly wage 1,000 yen (internship two months 950 yen)
Service・ transportation expenses supply (to 30,000 yen), bonus existence, paid vacation, employee discount, clothes, hairstyle freedom
Application methodWe decide interview day by telephone communication.
Contact information092-721-8480
aimerheel Tenjin core shop Iida
★Person who can work for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays
★It is favorite one warm welcome to contact person brightly!
★A certain sale experience one is welcome, but is all right as most are starts from without experience without sale without experience and knowledge of underwear!
★Even as for the housewife, student including working hours at first please feel free to contact as tell on the telephone!


Recruitment of sales forces


It is targeted for offerPerson who likes waiting on customers, and likes fashion.
Inexperienced person welcome
Qualification18 years old or older, it is gakuseiosodan
Work contentsWaiting on customers, sale
Working hoursShift system
It is ... for six hours in from 9:30 to 20:00
Salary900 yen ...
ServiceEmployee discount existence, transportation expenses (amount of rule supply)
Application methodAt first please apply on the telephone.
Selection methodInterview
Contact informationCharge: Teramoto



[A] Accessories sale Staff ☆Part-time jobber welcome!


It is targeted for offer*Experienced person & inexperienced person warm welcome! 
 *Part-time jobber warm welcome! Student, part is impossible
Qualification*Qualification, sex, age, experience no object
(we OK if interested in accessories and waiting on customers sale)
Work contents◎Accessories SHOP which is developing nationwide◎
 One that one liking fashion, waiting on customers, sale like
 It is fun while making oneself polishing with "BLESS"
 Do you not work? <recruitment of man and woman staff University>
Working hoursFrom 10:00 to 20:00 ※Actual work 6-8 hours degree
 ◆One welcome (possible consultation) to accept more than four days a week
SalaryHourly wage 900 yen ... (training hourly wage 850 yen) ☆Transportation expenses supply (to 20,000 yen a month)
Serviceshahanseidoyu, employee appointment system existence
 ◆Sale medical treatment & petit bonus existence in response to perseverance

 ◆Clothes, hairstyle freedom! Fashion welcome!
 ※Training three months existence / condition

Special privilege
In purezentoakuse, choice is possible freely in akuse of 20,000 yen share one month after duty☆
Application methodLighthearted TEL!
Selection methodInterview
Contact information092-791-7270


Job Opportunities


It is targeted for offerInexperienced person welcome! Experienced person kind treatment!
Sex does not matter. Well motivated man and woman!
Age. 18 years old ...
Shift supports from 1st in week, too.
QualificationNo qualification
Work contentsApparel sale!
The stocking of product. Waiting on customers sale. Getting out article!
Working hoursShift system
SalaryHourly wage 800 yen (there is internship)
ServiceEmployee system
Employee discount
Student possibility
Full-time or part-time worker is possible
Application methodPlease feel free to contact!
We call in schedules of interview!

Even student, inexperienced person are welcome!
Selection methodResume examination
Interview examination
Contact information092-791-2077
Charge Harada


★Recruitment of parttimers★

Buffalo Bobs

It is targeted for offerMan and woman 18 years or older
Person who can go to the office more than two a week
Person who can go to the office more than two times of weekdays
One that paste has good well
Woman is possible, too
QualificationThere is particularly no
Work contentsSale, waiting on customers
Cash register duties
In addition, (displays)
Working hoursShift system
SalaryHourly wage 800 yen (there is internship)
ServiceEmployee system
Employee discount
Student possibility
Full-time or part-time worker is possible
Application methodPlease feel free to contact!
We call in schedules of interview!

Even student, inexperienced person are welcome! !! !
Selection methodResume examination
Interview examination
Contact information0927217100
Charge Fujimura


Job Opportunities


It is targeted for offerInexperienced person, part-time jobber warm welcome!
※Apparel experienced person warm welcome!
QualificationQualification unnecessary
Work contents※Sale, waiting on customers
※Cash register duties
※Merchandise management, inventory control
Working hoursAs it is shift system until from 9:00 to 21:00, please consult about hope.
※Actual work 6-8 hours degree
SalaryHourly wage 850 yen (there is raise in salary system once in three months)
ServiceTransportation expenses supply
shahanseidoyu, employee appointment system existence
Bonus existence, paid vacation, employee discount, clothes, hairstyle freedom
※Existence / internship is the condition for training three months, too
Application methodCall to the following phone number within business hours.
Selection methodWe select in the top, interview with resume.
Contact information092-733-4777 FUGA Fukuoka shop charge Toyooka
☆Person who is interested in fashion
☆It is warm welcome which can work on one, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to like contacting person brightly
☆A certain sale experience one is welcome, but even sale experience which there is not is the workplace working in peace as it is the staff from all without experience!
Please feel free to contact!



☆★Recruitment of parttimers★☆

Monja Edomon

It is targeted for offer1.One that is available for duty on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
2.One that is available for duty for from 9:00 to 15:00 on weekdays
※We take first priority and adopt one corresponding to either mentioned above
QualificationThere is particularly no
Work contentsThing is simple work making roast and okonomiyaki.
※We accommodate with shift by presentation every half moon.
※Examination holidays are negotiable.
Working hoursConvenient 4-5 hours degree until from 9:00 to 23:00
SalarySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays: Hourly wage 900 yen - 1,125 yen, weekdays: Hourly wage 880 yen - 1,100 yen
(high school student Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: hourly wage 850 yen ..., weekdays: hourly wage 789 yen ...)
※Internship: One month (100 hours) hourly wage 789 yen
Service・Part of transportation expenses supply
・Uniform loan
・Late-night hourly wage improves
・Meal system existence
・Consideration including study time
Application methodResume is not necessary. You are relaxed, and please wake up.
Contact information092-732-8122 charge: Nakao
※Tell with "matter of recruitment of parttimers".
※One that is available for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays duty, adoption that is given priority
※One that is available for weekday day shift, adoption that is given priority


☆☆Series of kawaraCAFE and #602CAFE shop! Job Opportunities☆☆


It is targeted for offerThe part-time job staff
● Person who wants to do new challenge positively!
● Person who likes having person please!
● Person who is highly concerned with music and art, fashion!
● Person who wants to work lively in environment with vigor!
●Person who likes eating purely!
QualificationEducational background no object
Inexperienced person OK
High school student impossibility
Experienced person kind treatment
※We want to challenge that is new from the beginning that we want to make use of conventional experience and demand eager person!
Work contents<counter service barista, the cooking staff>
Waiting on customers, making of drink, simple cooking etc...
◎One welcome to be able to use espresso machine for!
◎Kitchen inexperienced person can work in peace, too!
Working hoursFrom 11:00 to 22:30 
※Shift system, 6h ~ a day,
Include Saturday and Sunday; three days a week - osodan
SalaryHourly wage 870 yen ...
※Inexperienced person from hourly wage 800 yen
Service[welfare program]
It is with supply, meal in transportation expenses rule,
Clothes, hairstyle freedom, uniform grant
Staff discount (affiliated shop, concert discount)
Post allowance, shift system
Medical treatment at any time late-night raise in salary, employee appointment existence
Employee trip once a year, class, study session attendance in the company are possible
Equipped with social insurance
As for / consecutive 2-month duty, social insurance participation is important matter for 138 hours
Application methodPlease apply over telephone.
As it is shift system, we can choose day when we want to work. At first, regardless of experience, without experience, please apply.
Selection methodInterview (once)
※Please offer one resume with photograph.
Contact informationSLD Entertainment Inc. 0570-010-078 (adoption center)