Approach to environment

Environmental policy

We recognize maintenance of global environment to be important issue, and Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. SC Division reduces environment load through environment and a certain harmony operation and contributes to realization of recycling society and restraint of global warming.


Commercial facilities use energy, resources in large quantities and exhaust a large quantity of refuse and wrestle in contents following as environmental influence measures.

(1) Resource saving, energy saving activity by operational review

(2) We work on recycling by classification of refuse

(3) Reduction of refuse by reduction of garbage, reduction of paper

(4) We work on surrounding environment beautification that cooperated with area

(5) Cooperation reinforcement about environmental improvement with management bond-issuing company


To prevent environmental pollution, technical; determine environmental purpose, aim economically as far as is possible, and promote continuous improvement.


We observe environmental related law, regulations and other requirements which our district agreed to.


We document and publicize environmental policy to all employees and cooperation supplier and we publish in homepage and disclose generally.

July, 2017

Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

SC division director Ishikawa Takane