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Shoe Fantasy (Shoo fantasy)

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It is soft and is easy to wear, and feeling is good.
We suggest shoes which get used to being happy just to wear!

  • 2018.06.17
  • ☆new item☆
  • 🌼 which is casual sandals made in Japan

    Fatigue-free comfort Japanese spaniel and straw

    👀 which is petanko sandals✨

    For summer leisure and trip

    Recommended! !🍧🌺🍉

    Please try; 🍀

    Please speak casually; 💕✨


    4 centimeters of heels


    Price 3,990 yen (tax-included)


  • 2018.06.15
  • ☆new item☆
  • It is quite popular design every year

    💞 which made its debut in new shoe tree

    He/she holds foot well

    Because it is design, we can run✨✨

    🌼 where all material is made in Japan

    Recently there is very much one that is tried on

    ☺️🌟 which is one pair

    Your visit heartily

    🙇‍ ♀ ️🍀 which we are waiting for


    5 centimeters of heels


    Price 5,990 yen (tax-included)


  • 2018.06.12
  • ☆new item☆
  • "Glitter heel mules"

    Material is very soft with product made in Japan

    With low-elasticity cushion

    We wear and are excellent at feeling✨

    Heel part becomes glitter material and goes down

    💎✴︎ which is feeling shiningly with summeriness

    Heel: 6 centimeters

    Price: 4,990 yen (tax-included)