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Shoe Fantasy (Shoo fantasy)

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It is soft and is easy to wear, and feeling is good.
We suggest shoes which get used to being happy just to wear!

  • 2018.01.15
  • ☆Reduction in price product☆
  • We prepared with high-quality leather made in Japan

    It is pointed pumpsheart

    We adopt wide wedge-heel shoes and go down

    Even if we wear with low-elasticity cushion for a long time

    It is one pair that is hard to be tiringflairshine

    ☆Design is the point of thisheart02

    Please try at storeeyesun

    SALE price
    2,990 yen (tax-included)

  • 2018.01.12
  • ☆Reduction in price product☆

  • Harris Tweed quite popular every year

    It is boots which we usedheart

    British classic genuine Harris Tweed

    As we use partially

    It is classical and is full of sense of qualityhappy01shine

    As it is bottom of snow cold region correspondence, even snow does not have any problem because of rain eitherrainsnow

    Please try at storeeyesun

    SALE price

    5,990 yen (tax-included)

  • 2018.01.11
  • ☆Reduction in price product☆
  • Today's reduction in price product is these pumpsheartheart

    Disassembly of ribbon is possible, on part of heel and the former

    We are pretty even if we attachhappy01heart04

    Please try at storeeyesun

    SALE price
    3,990 yen (tax-included)