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Shoe Fantasy (Shoo fantasy)

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It is soft and is easy to wear, and feeling is good.
We suggest shoes which get used to being happy just to wear!

  • 2018.03.22
  • ☆Advantageous news☆

    🌼 which is news of campaign for all of you

    Targeting at people who had you purchase now

    👠❣️ which performs SNS present campaign

    Photograph of shoes which had purchase (☆ that do not mind any photograph)


    #Shoo fantasy

    We improve in Instagram or Twitter with tag of this and have

    When we have you show the staff that article at the time of visit on the next time

    Shoes accessories or insole

    ^ ^🎀 which we present

    Voice kakekudasaine 😊 where curious one feels free to contact to the staff✨


  • 2018.03.14
  • ☆new item☆

  • It is simple pointed plane pumps made in Japan♡

    😍 where bottom adopts flexibility and bottom superior in grip characteristics✨

    1. As there is storm of 5cm

    It is direction dekimasuyo - 😇🎀 by legendary man with long legs effect easily

    Please try at store; 🧐

    🌼 which one of visit looks forward to

    5,990 yen (tax-included)

  • 2018.03.09
  • Famous soccer team! !

  • The other day, players of INAC Kobe

    It was come to Kitano shop✨

    INAC is women's soccer team of Kobe

    Six players are produced by the Japanese team

    It is famous team!

    Product which had you choose

    😌 which is happy if you can use habitually for a long time

    Than your visit feeling

    We are waiting♩