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  • 2018.11.15
  • As for drying than growth
  • *
    Shoo care goods which introduce today as for the sign01airing than growthsign01

    In fact, we cannot wash sneakers in watersweat01

    If the outside can use cleaner to each subject matter
    Dirt comes off well, but problem the inside,sweat02

    How is it worked as all of you? ?
    Woman is worried about smell in particular and heatthunderthunder

    It is desiccant for these shoes to make an outstanding performance thereheart

    After the return, we only have you put in the shoes quietly every day
    He/she absorbs a feeling of unpleasant heatsearcheye

    In addition, as it becomes antibacterial deodorization processing, conventional trouble is settledflair

    It is available repeatedly again and again unless it is torn,
    kyu iga is OK just to have you sometimes dry in the sun if you think that you worsenedgoodshine

    It is sure to get outstanding performance on rainy dayrain

    As it is available to any shoes, it is CHECK required by all meansnote
    As for drying than growth
    \ 600+tax

  • 2018.11.13
  • GT waterproof spray
  • *
    Care method of shoes which are not known unexpectedlysweat01

    It is this waterproof spray to introduce todaysign01sign01

    Comfort which prevents until dirt and discoloration rainlet alone rainheart

    Usage is very easyflair

    Around once in two weeks, sprinkle on the whole shoes the good outdoors of ventilation
    It is OK just to dry for approximately 15 minutesnote

    In addition, is not only shoes, to umbrella and bag, hem of pants on rainy dayeye
    One is quite recommended to family as there is usescissors

    Time when it was hard to get dirt and became and has become dirty by any chance
    Do you not play whether you put waterproof spray?
    Dirt's way of falling changes, toogoodshine

    Favorite shoes,
    We want to wear in clean state for a long time with much effortdiamond

    As for detailed how to use or the usable material,
    Ask to the staff casuallyclover
    GT waterproof spray
    146 ml of \ 1,000+tax
    330 ml of \ 2,000+tax

  • 2018.11.11
  • *
    We had ABC-MART-limited new works from Dr.Martenssign01sign01

    From basic low-frequency cut model along with 8 hall models
    Design which is sharper than usual that adopted the ladies' lastheart

    We have how to wear of own, dividing with showy mena socks
    It is almighty item which can be idle with socksgoodshine

    As it is simple and is affinity GOOD to clothes of what kind of style
    It is attractive one not to depend on the fashionmotorsports

    As inquiry becomes many products only in ABC-MART, too
    Please get to hasten, and to be similardashdash
    \ 20,000+tax