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CATEGORY Beauty & cosmetics colored contact lens
TEL 092-753-7813
WEB http://hotellovers.jp/

We treat colored contact lens to be able to pile by abundant assortment of goods, a lot of natural colored contact lens!

In HOTEL LOVERS, the staff supports item which can become o concreteness that "wants to become clean!" of customer hard. In addition, "making of space that is relaxed, and can choose product" "quick and polite correspondence" keeps that "we have mind of hospitality" in mind and will act so that customer can always enjoy shopping.

  • 2018.01.16
  • chiipopochan produce colored contact lens 💕
  • It is hellosun hoterabanote

    Today, the second update...
    We boast of great popularity to teenage girl
    It is colored contact lens "Claire "of producesign01

    It is two colors of marone and buryuno in natural systemsign01heart04
    As lenses diameter is 14.2mm, it is not too bignote
    Can arrive at school and workshop in translucent colored contact lens
    We can gowinkheart04

    Right or wrong, habitual use shitemitekudasaihappy02heart04

    Claire: With 1day10 piece (there is no / degree which there is degree in)
    DIA, 14.2㎜
    Price: 1,800+ yen tax

  • 2018.01.16
  • Colored contact lens to be able to pile!
  • It is hellosun hoteraba!

    It is introduction of "Victoria garden" todayheart02

    If can serve a whole bunch; ☛ chocolate
    If is natural, and serve; ☛ almond, pure natural
    If show neatly; ☛ pure brown

    Lenses size is all 14.5mm, but by design
    Vanity entirely changes!

    Please find favorite designheart02happy01

    Furthermore, as it is product targeted for this product shinehoteraba-limited shinebundle percent,
    Two boxes are second box ☛ 580+ yen taxes when you purchaseheart02

    As it is free to do combination in target product
    We will do shopping in discountlovelygood

    Victoria garden
    Period of service one month (with two pieces) price 1,800+ yen tax 
    DIA 14.5mm coloration 13.8mm in diameter frequency ±0 .00-6.00

  • 2018.01.15
  • All today quality 5% OFF ★hoteraba DAY

  • Hello! It is hoterabaheart01
    Sorry to have kept you waiting! Today is special DAY of two times of every month
    hoteraba DAY ★Day desu of all article 5% OFFsign01sign01sign01

    It is targeted for all articles and does - - to popular colored contact lens and cosmeticsheart04
    By all means this chance without passing oversign01sign01sign01

    ※It is 2/1 on the next time.