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CATEGORY Beauty & cosmetics colored contact lens
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We treat colored contact lens to be able to pile by abundant assortment of goods, a lot of natural colored contact lens!

In HOTEL LOVERS, the staff supports item which can become o concreteness that "wants to become clean!" of customer hard. In addition, "making of space that is relaxed, and can choose product" "quick and polite correspondence" keeps that "we have mind of hospitality" in mind and will act so that customer can always enjoy shopping.

  • 2018.03.22
  • If want to serve; this!
  • It is helloheart02 hoterabanote

    Today is pride rumichopano with popularity that is great for youth

    We introduce produce colored contact lens "dope wink"winkheart04

    Kind can enjoy various color development with richness, toosign01lovely

    And with what…It is in 1day and both our store 1-month-oldshineheart01

    Is the handling of degreeless chisel, but colored contact lens which there is degree in in Web

    As we handle, please see by all meanshappy01heart04

    You are the strongest, and please try as it is colored contact lens to be able to pilewinkheart04

    We look forward to than all the staff feelingshine

    ・Dope wink 1day (with ten pieces of one box) 
    ※The handling of degreeless chisel

    ・1,550+ yen tax
    ・DIA: 14.5㎜
    ・Coloration diameter: 13.7㎜
    ・BC: 8.6㎜

    ・Dope wink one month (with two pieces of one box)
    ※The handling of degreeless chisel

    ・1,650+ yen tax
    ・DIA: 14.5㎜
    ・Coloration diameter: 13.7㎜
    ・BC: 8.7㎜

  • 2018.03.21
  • The first one is reliable, too♡

  • Hello! It is hoterabahappy01

    Weather is unfortunate rain, but is holiday todaynotes
    It is open well todaywinkheart01

    Have you put on everybody "Nubra?"

    May it be usable only in the summer?
    Only when we want to serve? ?

    We think that person thinking of this comes,
    There are various effects to Nubra and is always availableheart04

    It is 3D Nubra to introduce todayshine

    As for this product, only, is amphibioushappy02
    (*'ω'*) which is available under the swimming wear in the summertime

    A feeling of three-dimensional, natural shaking is reproduced,
    It is natural Nubra which is hard to come out, and fits beautiful line of the body✨

    Besides, from more solid thing to reasonable thing
    We offer a lot (* `∀`)!

    Let alone wedding ceremonies to clothes of off shoulder of now fashionnote
    Clothes to be able to dress well just to have one increase (*' * `)

    All kinds try-on is OK in our restaurantsign01
    As arrive and tell about explanation of one carefully
    Even the first person is reliableheart04

    Let's dress in more ways with Nubra (*'ω `)
    We look forward to in everybody right or wrong, hoterabalovely

    3D Nubra 9,400+ yen tax
    Size * A~C KOLOR * nude

  • 2018.03.20
  • 500 yen colored contact lens?
  • Hello ☆It is hoterabaheart02
    500 yen colored contact lens MUSE and AveNew which we sold at special price
    Because of favorable reception, it was received againsign01sign01

    There being has degreesign01sign01
    And it is liquid face KOLOR and set how
    We are carrying out 800 yen and bargain campaignheart01heart01heart01

    Don't miss it!