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San-Ai swimming wear paradise (sanaimizugirakuen)

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CATEGORY Ladies' & men swimming wear
TEL 092-721-9044
WEB http://www.san-ai.com/


San-Ai swimming wear paradise is shop which selected trendy swimming wear, casual clothing, beach goods from home and abroad.

2018 is selection under the theme of [RELAX & NATURAL].

Keyword of this season,
"Relaxation" "non wire" "reversible"

"Reversible Bra" that recommendation was developed to be usable in reversible with non-wire.
We change expression to feeling on the day.

Besides, majority including keyhole design and back profile-style up-and-coming let alone trendy dress.

We suggest styling that improved class by coordinates with casual clothing.

  • 2018.06.17
  • Bikini 👙 with the flare top
  • 👌 which is three-piece set with flare tops of strike ruppie design☺

    👙 where the inside becomes underwire with grip

    It is by variety of colors that all three colors of them shine in in beach

    ・With wire
    ・With pat (we can remove)

    Please see by all means at store
    All the staff 😆 which we look forward to

    KOLOR: Red, white, navy

    Size: 9M

    Price: 16,000 (tax-excluded)

  • 2018.06.15
  • Trendy bikini 👙 where botanikaru embroidery is impressive✨
  • Hello 🌞

    Introducing today
    [AI Pink] Botanical Mesh
    💁‍ ♀ ️ which is three-piece set swimming wear with mesh flare top✨

    Let's enjoy the sea of seven TBS! We introduce at world samaa - resort!
    Saturday, March 3, 2018 0:00 - broadcast.
    Fujita NICOLE is introduction of Guam
    ❣️ which we wore

    Flare top one piece of article that botanikaru embroidery is impressive
    It is three points of settobiki two which is bundled.

    To base plain in shorudabiki two of the inside stitch
    👍👍 which is designed where we devoted ourselves to which we gave

    It is swimming wear with trendy feeling of light different fabrics Mix.
    Even if the flare top of embroidery puts on clothes and wears
    Cute 💗

    ・With pat (we can remove)

    ※On 6/9 Tenjin core the first floor " San-ai Resort"
    🌺 which did OPEN
    🌴 which looks forward to your coming✨

  • 2018.06.15
  • 🤙 which did " San-ai Resort " 🌴✨OPEN on Tenjin core the first floor
  • Hello ☺️

    It is Tenjin core the first floor in 6/9
    🌺 which San-ai Resort shop opened✨ 

    As new works are received one after another, too
    When you come to Tenjin by all means
    The first-floor San-ai Resort
    The fourth-floor San-Ai swimming wear paradise
    Please go over madeo; 🌴🌴 

    It is all the staff by your coming
    💗 which we look forward to