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repipi armario (repipiarumario)


"repipiarumario" that it is chosen as continuation popularity brand No. 1 in magazine "Nichola" for eight years☆
"kireime X sports" of category MIX, anything including "Orr Chan" express hybrid which there is in repipiarumario!
We save point, and discount can do shopping when we enroll in point service ".St (dottoesuti)" of repipi (δ ω δ ●)
Furthermore, we deliver members only event and nice information! Choose "Tenjin core"♪

※Object: Fourth grader - junior high student
Size XS 140-150cm, S 150-160cm, M 160cm ..., L 165cm ...
It is brand which adult can wear in peace.

  • 2018.09.20
  • konnichihanoripidesu 😄👋
    repipiarumario thanks to all
    Eight years continuation teens brand popularity No. 1
    😍👏🏻🎊 which we have

    Today is introduction surune 💕 with the latest skirt
    It is glen plaid to see chicly
    Front lace-up and flare silhouette
    It is up⤴️⤴️⤴️ at feeling of Gurley & fashion degree
    WEST is oar rubber specification
    We take off and wear, and 👍 lining is pants type easily
    Very reliable dayo ❣️

    ▷Glen check lace-up skirt
    ▷3,900 yen +tax
    ▷Brown Bordeaux black pink

    Visit of everybody heartily
    😆 which we wait for

  • 2018.09.19
  • Hello ☀️

    kanayandesu 🐶🌷
    Is all school kana ✍🏻 doing its best?
    This week is study and club activities, private supplementary school nadogambaroune 💪🏻🔥💕, too

    😍👏🏻🎊 where repipiarumario has continuation teens brand popularity No. 1 thanks to all for eight years
    💖 where thank you for always coming

    Introduction osurune 👞💖 of today hakanayan recommended latest shoes
    Mountain boots 😘🌙 which voluminous feel has a cute
    Of coordination girly as for the gotsu ttoshita Boys-like shoes to take off; just 😊👍🏻💕
    💋 where style up comes true because it is double-soled✨
    Point dayo 👌🏻🎵 where we take off by side ZIP and wear, and one is nice easily
    Wear, and fashion takes its ease mountain boots of repipi from step; is already 😆🌹

    ▷Mountain boots
    ▷KOLOR / brown, black

    soshite ‼️
    🌟🌟🌟 which is novelty fair now being held now
    🎁💕 which we present to all of purchase more than 7,000 yen [body mist or hand cream]
    shiyo 😘💪🏻 which gets all hastily as soon as we disappear because it is the end

    👀🍁 which a lot of autumn new item is having
    All the staff 😍🙏🏻 which looks forward to your visit heartily

  • 2018.09.18
  • Hello 🌈
    reorindayo 🐶🐾

    👏🏼💕 where repipiarumario has continuation teens brand popularity No. 1 thanks to all for eight years✨

    Today is introduction suruyo 😉💬 in school excursion recommended coordination

    Sweat shirt of simple logo that is easy to mix-and-match tops 👉🏼 is must-have item 💫 of autumn/winter
    It is trendy 😘💭 of this year it is slightly large, and to wear slowly
    It is 🌹 for fashion that is higher-grade by styling that adjusted high neck and Candice Reeve to underwear✨

    It is decision mari ✌🏼 with ska bread of NEW-style of bottom 👉🏼 repipiichioshi
    Change of clothes is easy only by ZIP without disassembly of button as usual though inner pants enter; 💯
    Green who it is trendy KOLOR, and does adult ppo vanity is recommendation 🦖💚

    Without outer 👉🏼 drill maple existence and by KOLOR design being too simple; GOOD👍🏼💭
    😛💕 which we drop shoulder, and fashion looks sloppy when we dress well and does
    📸 in autumn reliable with mustard of KOLOR let alone sense of the seasons photograph shining

    ▷Black (white gray purple)

    ▷kimousutoretchi ZIP ska bread
    ▷Green (black Bordeaux beige mustard denim purple)

    ▷By KOLOR award jacket
    ▷Mustard (gray black)

    👧🏼 which is novelty fair now being held now
    🎁 which presents [body mist or hand cream] to all of purchase more than 7,000 yen
    As is in a limited quantity, come to play early; tene - 🏃🏼‍ ♀ ️🌈
    All the staff look forward to your visit☺