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Iwata clock shop (iwatatokeiten)

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CATEGORY Ladies' men's ladies' & men life miscellaneous goods clock service, others
TEL 092-741-0045
WEB http://www.iwatatokeiten.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iwatatokeiten/

Iwata clock shop always valued "the history" that "encounter" with customer and clock walked together for three generations since the formation in 1930. It is "love" for clock of the staff and severe eyes ""rich knowledge" to" quality that support thought "that we will walk with clock which we came" across.

"FORTIS" playing an active part as regulation equipment "Sinn" of the Kyushu's greatest assortment of goods in the only space prepares brand which night highly visible "BALL" can recommend "CAMPANOLA" to with confidence including "G-SHOCK".

We work in professional technique including battery exchange and repair and explain with professional eyes. Please consult in peace.

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  • 2018.12.08
  • SAINT HONORE (Saint Honore) Japan-limited 100
  • Fukuoka, Tenjin core the first-floor Iwata clock shop-limited product information under the ground!

    French brand
    SAINT HONORE (Saint Honore)
    LUTECIA SNOW FLAKES (ruteshiasunofurekusu)
    Japan-limited 100
    Article number: SN7210581WYID
    78,000 yen + tax

    Limited model of this winter when we printed snowy crystal to mother of pearl clockface (shellfish clockface).
    Do you not enter 100 people in the world?
    Thing that is surely good when we have snowflakes in our hand is ... 😉

    Battery-style quartz movement
    Stainless steel case RG plating
    Eclair finish bezel
    Sapphire crystal
    It is one point of diamond at 12:00

  • 2018.12.02
  • Sorry to have kept you waiting very much!
  • The first floor of Fukuoka, Tenjin core basement
    It is Iwata clock shop, product arrival information!

    "Nurse watches" which we kept waiting very much were received!
    But please come to the store early this time as there is little arrival number.

  • 2018.12.02
  • Shock structure G-SHOCK of full metal-resistant is received again
  • Fukuoka, Tenjin core the first-floor Iwata clock shop G-SHOCK information under the ground!

    First come, first servedrunrunrun
    Out of stock is certainwobblycoldsweats02weep

    GMW-B5000GD-1JF 68,000 yen + tax (black)

    Excuse me, full metal G-SHOCK is available again!
    Adopt inversion liquid crystal, and is more chic with hairline processing in case and band; finished.

    *Tough solar radio time signal
    *Smartphone link (with world thyme establishment of approximately 300 city + original cities, correction, simply clock setting at the automatic time, reminder, thyme & place, cell-phone search, battery indicator indication (seven phases indication))
    *Multiband 6 to receive standard radio wave of six stations (Japanese two stations, China, United States, U.K., Germany) of the world, and to automatically modify the time
    *Stainless steel pure bracelet