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Iwata clock shop always valued "the history" that "encounter" with customer and clock walked together for three generations since the formation in 1930. It is "love" for clock of the staff and severe eyes ""rich knowledge" to" quality that support thought "that we will walk with clock which we came" across.

"FORTIS" playing an active part as regulation equipment "Sinn" of the Kyushu's greatest assortment of goods in the only space prepares brand which night highly visible "BALL" can recommend "CAMPANOLA" to with confidence including "G-SHOCK".

We work in professional technique including battery exchange and repair and explain with professional eyes. Please consult in peace.

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  • 2018.06.12
  • WIRED <PAIR STYLE> summer resort-limited model release!
  • Fukuoka, Tenjin core the first-floor Iwata clock shop under the ground
    Attributive article information!

    Summer resort-limited model was released by WIRED.
    It is with men's ladies' together exclusive box and is limited to 500.

    Dial of blue gradation that is beautiful even if we arrange even one pairwise.
    It is refreshing design like summer when Swarovski ®, crystal entered.
    Ladies' model haryuzunimo Swarovski ®, crystal enters, and frangipani motif enters camera back.

    Men's model
    Article number: AGAT723
    Price: 17,000 yen + tax
    Battery-style quartz (VD53) movement
    Stainless steel case
    Curve hardware Rex glass
    10 standard atmosphere waterproof
    40.0mm in diameter

    Ladies' model
    Article number: AGET717
    Price: 17,000 yen + tax
    Battery-style quartz (VD75) movement
    Stainless steel case
    Curve hardware Rex glass
    5 standard atmosphere waterproof
    31.0mm in diameter

  • 2018.06.10
  • 2018 "Love The Sea And The Earth"
  • Fukuoka, Tenjin core the first-floor Iwata clock shop Baby-G information under the ground!

    Baby-G yl lottery model of 2018
    Design which reproduced the first model.

    With tough solar radio time signal,
    It does not need periodical battery exchange, and the time is correct, tooscissors
    And it is usable hard in both the sea and mountain as it is water resistant 20 ATMwatch

    22,000 yen + tax
    World thyme alarm stopwatch ・
    There are timer calendar functions and is convenient.

    Curious one, please come to the store early.

  • 2018.06.06
  • Aviatis Collections (Abbiati's Collection) FORTIS
  • Clock to introduce today,
    It is made in Swiss FORTIS company and is very highly visible model.

    Pilot Classic Date (pilot classical music date)
    Article number: 902.20.41LP
    Price: 145,000+ yen tax

    With case made of stainless steel,
    From camera back, we come to see beautiful self-winding machine.

    Sapphire crystal that glass is hard to have slight wound!

    Visibility that is enough even if pilot uses.
    We know on seeing photograph.

    And it is the second hand of blue to be characteristic.
    This needle, "flathead flathead flathead flathead" and moving figure are beautiful!

    Please try on by all means.
    We look forward to visit.