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Iwata clock shop (iwatatokeiten)

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CATEGORY Ladies' men's ladies' & men life miscellaneous goods clock service, others
TEL 092-741-0045
WEB http://www.iwatatokeiten.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iwatatokeiten/

Iwata clock shop always valued "the history" that "encounter" with customer and clock walked together for three generations since the formation in 1930. It is "love" for clock of the staff and severe eyes ""rich knowledge" to" quality that support thought "that we will walk with clock which we came" across.

"FORTIS" playing an active part as regulation equipment "Sinn" of the Kyushu's greatest assortment of goods in the only space prepares brand which night highly visible "BALL" can recommend "CAMPANOLA" to with confidence including "G-SHOCK".

We work in professional technique including battery exchange and repair and explain with professional eyes. Please consult in peace.

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  • 2018.09.21
  • The G-SHOCK GLACIER GOLD (gray sia gold) arrival!
  • Fukuoka, Tenjin core the first-floor Iwata clock shop G-SHOCK information under the ground!

    GLACIER GOLD (gray sia gold) of model of the 35th anniversary
    Article number: DW-5735E-7JR
    Price: 22,500 yen + tax
    But, it is available!

    It is beautiful clock that clear skeleton having high transparency lets gold become more attractive!
    In water resistant 20 ATM, it is usable hard in both the sea and skiing areagood
    It is ... without passing overwatch

  • 2018.09.20
  • For Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid donation August
  • It is report of Fukuoka, Tenjin core the first-floor Iwata clock shop every month under the ground.

    Part, 9,780 yen of sales of battery exchange of August
    On September 19, 2018
    We contributed to "association of Japanese habitat, Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid donation".
    The total from for April, 2011 was 855,000 yen.

  • 2018.08.30
  • We began the handling of WELDER MOODY (welder Mu day).
  • The first floor of Fukuoka, Tenjin core basement Iwata clock shop front article information!

    WELDER MOODY (welder Mu day)

    😲 where color of glass turns into by angle

    At first when we look at clock a little from side at 6:00
    It is orange glass!

    When by little changes angle
    Color of glass has turned into blue whatcoldsweats02

    Size is 36mm, 38mm, 42mm, 45mm
    As there is Lew's in side at 9:00, we OK even slightly large size.

    Price is 27,000 yen + tax - 38,000 yen + tax
    Is it just right price to enjoy in various ways?

    Please come to see.