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NAVANA WIG (nabanauiggu)

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CATEGORY Beauty & cosmetics wig
TEL 092-716-7133
WEB http://www.navana-web.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/navanawigtenjincore/

Wig of our restaurant is available for medical use let alone fashion.
We do cut and hair arrangement, maintenance.
Please consult with the staff casually.

  • 2018.10.22
  • ✨SoftBank Hawks CS championship & Japan Series support sale✨
  • Three days on today 22nd from Monday to 24th Wednesday
    We perform SoftBank Hawks CS championship sale in Tenjin core! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)👍
    nimoca point 15 times!

    Prevention spray electrostatic more than 5,000 yen (tax-excluded) by purchase
    It is present 🎁 with oil spray by purchase more than 10,000 yen (tax-excluded)

    It is shopping shichaimasho 😊😊😊 in discount
    We wait!

  • 2018.10.19
  • Let's take care of scalp!
  • Of scalp do care? ?
    Feel fine in dirt of pore, and is product rimasho 😊 with hair softly

    Scalp care "supanisuto" 25,800 yen (tax-excluded)

    It is head massage machine which spa experience can easily play at home which Aderans developed!
    Scalp is refreshing by approximately 2,800 times a minute of touches and LED beams!
    We can expect further effect in next-generation shampoo (2,600+ yen tax) & treatment (2,400+ yen tax) which combined ingredient botanikarukompurekkusu specialized in scalp care✨

    It is present 🎁 in shampoo and treatment this for person who purchased head massage machine "supanisutobyuti"

  • 2018.10.15

  • Simple makeover 🎶
    Become really autumn air; better seed (*^^*)
    Today is introduction of point wig!
    As there is whorl of hair with forelock with the top, seeing from the top, there is not a feeling of wig✨
    We want to make volume
    We want to make forelock
    We want to wash down forelock
    It is recommended to such a customer!
    We were introduced in NHK✨
    Iron and iron and dryer are usable!
    Style change (^o^) simple in snap and one which we only stop
    Please try; 🎶
    EP5506M It is the former girl
    There is EP1805T forelock 5,900 yen (tax-excluded)