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NAVANA WIG (nabanauiggu)

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CATEGORY Beauty & cosmetics wig
TEL 092-716-7133
WEB http://www.navana-web.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/navanawigtenjincore/

Wig of our restaurant is available for medical use let alone fashion.
We do cut and hair arrangement, maintenance.
Please consult with the staff casually.

  • 2018.04.19
  • Mother's Day campaign
  • Hello!
    It is GW from next week♡
    Was plan of outing able to be made? ?
    Person come to Tenjin to play, please come to play (^^)
    If GW is over; ✨ Mother's Day✨
    With everyday thanks until May 13
    It is present 🎁 with water absorption cover compact more than 15,000 yen by purchase✨
    (^^) where folding umbrella and plastic bottle enter
    Please present to mother; (^^)♡

  • 2018.04.18
  • Hello!
  • Hello \ (^^)/
    We maintain WIG in NAVANA!

    Though we want to use, we are even sizzlingly and are not usable! What is there WIG?
    If there is such WIG, take by all means; (^-^)
    Chile becomes beautiful like photograph even if lucky!
    Point wig 1,000 yen (tax-excluded) ...
    Please call if you have a question!
    (※ maintenance is limited to heat-resistant WIG)

    In addition, shiteimasuyo ヽ (*'v `*) no held as for the campaign to become 5%OFF when we have you register friend with LINE on WIG purchase
    We look forward to!

  • 2018.04.13
  • Hello!
    Treatment, use with fashion, various one come in NAVANA WIG.

    You can put on for reliable security (^^)
    We can try on slowly without minding eyes of person as we prepare for private space in Tenjin core✨
    Please consult with the staff casually (^^)✨