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Being conscious of being always woman
Woman-style brand charming strength and sex appeal

  • 2018.07.07
  • Side ribbon 🎀
  • ▽saidoribonofushoru tops





    As is flare silhouette; bottom

    When we have you put tight SK shops Kinney together

    We can see hips rotation clearly, and style improves

    ❣️❣️ which becomes this



    In the sleeve, sleeve parts from bodice well

    Even if as it is independent sleeve, we put up arm

    Without ofushoru part going up

    💁💖💖 which is ofushoru which it is easy to wear very much



    When side ribbon of sleeve looked from the side

    😘❣️❣️ which is the pretty points



    As we use mosquito cloth for cotton which we did quickly

    💘💘 available coolly



    ❤️🧡💛 which is one piece of summer outstanding performance



    Please try at store; 🙇‍ ♀ ️🙇‍ ♀ ️

  • 2018.07.07
  • Quite popular lace OP💋
  • ✔︎ camisole SET lace long OP


    \9,500+tax → \8,550+tax


    ✔︎Lady line sandals


    \8,900+tax → \7,120+tax





    It is 2buy10%OFF from SALE price more


    \18,400+tax → It is ‼️ in \14,103+tax






    Have me wear camisole OP of thick cloth inside

    If occupy in front of CD; as long OP

    You open the front, and match with PT

    As it is available as CD

    Arrival at lot time shigadekimasuyo 🙈✨



    As deeper slit enters side of hem

    😊 which we see clearly without even long length becoming heavy




    As we change at position of under

    WEST position looks high just to wear

    It is 💕💕 to style up



    🙆 which is held up from the present time to autumn as it is short sleeves



    Lining does not gain OP of SET

    ‼️ which becomes unable to be seen through as it is solid cloth





    ☀️ stock situation ☀️

    White  △

    wine   △

    black X

  • 2018.07.07
  • Re-arrival 💖

  • ▽Paint Flower tank OP

    7,300 yen → \5,110+tax


    ▽Lace reshuffling shear CD

    \6,900+tax → 5,520+tax


    It is place of \14,200+tax at the list price

    Now is \9,567+tax‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Quite popular lace change CD

    🙈💕 which was received again

    Small size is mini-length

    The hips are 🤩 to length to hide completely

    At length long medium size

    Length tonatteorimasuyo 👌 in under the knee

    ✨The stock situation✨

    BLK → S △ M○

    WHT → S △ M○

    Please try at store; 🚶‍ ♀ ️💗💗