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Being conscious of being always woman
Woman-style brand charming strength and sex appeal


  • 2018.06.09
  • Paint Flower print bear OP🌴🌟
  • new arrival💓

    ✔︎Paint Flower long OP


    \8,300+tax → \4,980+tax


    Long OP where is good in summer resort✨



    As bust part is careful shirring

    It is fitting 😎 with bear well

    As we grow well, it is easy to wear very much,

    End design of the front desk seems to be this year

    Look at bust plumply; setekuremasuyo 🙆💖


    2way specifications 🙈❣️ where we can tie up ribbon behind




    Skirt is feminine in cache coeur design

    ‼️ where we do not come to see lining with Cache-coeur either



    As the front is short and we lengthen the back and acquire anteroposterior difference

    Hem streams whenever we walk


    💗💗💗 which is design to shine in with one piece

  • 2018.06.08
  • Paint Flower print OP🌴✨
  • new arrival💓



    Paint Flower tank OP

    7,300 yen → \4,380+tax✨





    Tank OP🌴 where bright flower print seems to be summer✨



    By V difference design that the front is deeper

    We can show the decollete circumference neatly

    As the back becomes cross design

    Bucks tile has impact

    Kaai idesuyo 😍❤️❤️❤️



    As is BOX silhouette; generally

    Can cover system; a feeling of relaxation is 👍, too



    We are pretty even if we just wear lightly,

    With belt as WEST and

    Even if style improves by waist marking; 💁‍ ♀ ️💐



    As is flower print; to chiffon and cloth

    Is apt to see, but of elasticity there is

    Comfort is excellent idesuyo ❣️ in being cut-and-sew, too



    It is thin cloth,

    As some lining use thick thing

    ☺️🌟 which is reliable as there is not transparent worry




    What we put together

    ✔︎summer Cloche CD

    8,300 yen → \4,980+tax✨



    As it is members only 5BUY40%OFF now

    It is \9,360+tax🤩‼️ in CD+OP two points



    As we stay, and there are a few popular items


    Immediate gikudasai 😂‼️

  • 2018.06.04
  • Wide PT🐠🌟 which is good in summer
  • new arrival💓



    ✔Wide PT with ︎ WEST ZIP sasu






    Trendy ZIP design seems to be LIP,

    Wide PT👖 which becomes stronger impression✨



    Handle of ZIP is simple

    As we make slightly large,

    It is 😉💓 for accent of coordination casually



    It is corset-style

    As it becomes wide belt change

    We can improve style just to wear

    Only WEST fits,

    As we are changed around the backbone

    WEST is emphasis saremasuyo ❣️ thin



    As removable suspender is on,

    You can wear with mannish atmosphere

    As it becomes delicate thinness like woman

    As for the cousin becoming too casual

    ❤️❤️❤️ which is point



    It is deeper in side of hem

    As slit enters, showing can do skin,

    🙆‍ ♀ ️ which you can wear in wide PT without becoming heavy✨



    As there is pocket, too

    We do not put on outerwear

    😮💄 which is convenient at coming time



    Cloth with a feeling of terottoshita omission

    As it is pickled, it is feminine,

    Comfort is excellent idesuyo 💁‍ ♀ ️‼️ very, too




    The first piece

    ✔︎ tiadofuriruofushoru TOPS




    Put this together; and is 🤔 casually✨



    The second piece

    ✔︎ cotton lace frill tank



    It is 😍 to eyes in total beautiful in this✨




    As it is useful item which we can mix-and-match


    saretekudasaine 😆💓 which gets at advantageous opportunity