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It is shoes specialty store suggesting lifestyle from NIKE and adidas, the latest sneakers such as station wagons, ladies' shoes, business, step of Hawkins sports!

  • 2018.04.17
  • GL3000☆
  • Hellosun
    We introduce new color of GL3000 from Reebok todayconfidentheart02
    Silhouette of on the small side clear in spite of being sporty impression
    Skirt which of course we did in pants look softly
    It is excellent at affinity with pretty dressscissorsheart04
    We only take in in step of usual clothes
    Atmosphere changes completely (*, 0 ・*)shine

    Appearance does not have a cute GL3000
    As we wear, and feeling is good, it is recommended toward the sneakers beginnerlovely
    Please try at storesign01sign01

    GL3000 ABC W
    8,424 yen (tax-included)
    It becomes ABC-MART-limited KOLORdash

  • 2018.04.14
  • AIR MAX☆
  • heart01heart01AIR MAX much-talked-about in CM where "TWICE" appears onheart01heart01

    We introduce AIR MAX SEQUENT 3 today from that!
    Knit upper realizes air permeable good point and feeling of outstanding fittingflair
    Come to have U-shaped AIR cushion of sole
    We wear, and, let alone good feeling, stylish appearance is attractiveconfidentshine

    Mina wears in CMlovely
    As AIR MAX SEQUENT 3 is men's size
    You can wear to mangood

    Let's heap up AIR MAX with TWICEdiamond

    011 BK/WT DKGRY
    10,800 yen (tax-included)

    As there is other handling of TWICE wearing model
    Ask to the staff casually (*, 0)note
    ※There is thing without some handling, too.

  • 2018.04.12
  • kuraimakuru☆
  • Sorry to have kept you waiting very much!
    kuraimakuru having a lot of inquiries on is availablehappy02shine

    Even if kuraimakuru is called anything, breathability is outstandingdashdash
    Upper uses air mesh,
    We place ventilation hole in out sole
    We realize 360-degree ventilation!
    It becomes shoes which you can wear comfortably even in the summerconfidentgood

    Furthermore, in mid sole
    We have cushion characteristics and repulsion characteristics of the highest peak in EVA
    BOUNCE sole use teirunode,
    Wear as well as breathability, and feeling is good, too; for running of course
    shiji* kiya commuting is popular as shoes of going to school (^ 0 ^)note

    In there being that photograph is men's, but offer ladies'
    Please see by all means at storepenguinheart04heart04

    cc fresh
    For each 8,640 yen (tax-included)