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SWEET system, SEXY system, all ... genres of CASUAL origin have kind abundantly.
You can surely understand price, good quality that are easy to have you demand. As size measurement of bust goes, call the staff casually.

  • 2018.03.21
  • Unicolor flower satin
  • Refined floral design brassiere & shorts which repeated Tulle races on the satin cloth with glossinesswink
    New colors are availablenote
    One jewelry which shines shiningly in the center ♪ Colorful flower charms to KOLOR with presence of mind gorgeouslyheart04

    Unicolor flower satin brassiere & shortsheart01 2,900 yen (+ tax)

  • 2018.03.20
  • V-neck lace Bra let
  • Brassiere is 💟 to the times of straight fact, reckoning feeling
    Bra let that plain sexiness not to include is stylish! 🙆🏼‍ ♀ ️ which is relaxation Bra of reckoning feeling that loses wire hook pad, and is light, and is easy✨
    ☺️🍀 where even removable attachment which it is that wearing that we put thin pad is possible, and bad nothing Shiga is weak in can challenge in peace
    It is 👌🏻 in image that is gnu day by deep V cut of total lace making decollete look beautiful, and doing cloth under lace in color that the body is near
    As sesasetari to get a glimpse of from outer, "show Bra" 😆💕 which is usable for everyday coordinates

    << the left >> V-neck lace Bra let 💜\2,300 (+ tax)

    It is transmitted by iPhone

  • 2018.03.19
  • Spring fair coupon
  • More than 3/16 - 4,000 yen every purchase
    We present coupon of 1,000 yen OFF which is available from the check to 5/13 on the next timeheart01
    As new products are received, we look forward to visit by all meanslovelyshine

    ※Coupon is the end as soon as we disappear
    ※1,000 yen OFF ticket can use only true store. It is not available in formula mail order site.