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aimerfeel (Eymet feel)

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SWEET system, SEXY system, all ... genres of CASUAL origin have kind abundantly.
You can surely understand price, good quality that are easy to have you demand. As size measurement of bust goes, call the staff casually.

  • 2018.12.12
  • Fleece pajamas

  • It became a lot cold❄
    💗 where it is fleece pajama to be recommended in the present season

    🙆‍ ♀ ️💓 which is very warm by so cute appearance
    💫 where repeater appears one after another

    It is with short pants in dress type✨

    💦 which KOLOR and size of popularity can finish being sold, and comes out
    Feel, please be sensed bodily; 💗

  • 2018.12.12
  • Height of more than Lace software

  • Ever since released; from popular series
    💓💓 where new colors arrived at

    It is 💗 in green and Bordeaux on Christmas

    Of course existing color keeps size now✨

    Please be got during gathering now (¨ ̮)

    ✔Height of more than Lace software 2,500 yen (+ tax)
    ✔COLOR (new color) Green / Bordeaux

  • 2018.12.12
  • Lacey semi-long hair side high half-cup

  • It is hard to slip off even if we take off strap
    💓💓 which is corset-style half-cup

    🙆‍ ♀ ️ where dark color is stylish
    Arrive, and, please be tried on as feeling is outstanding✨

    ✔Lacey semi-long hair side high half-cup 2,500 yen (+ tax)
    ✔ COLOR Bordeaux / gray