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Mokubakan (sargasso Buchan)

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CATEGORY Beauty & cosmetics
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Plurally gather from cosmetics to makeup accessory, from sensitive skin of trouble and make of skin give advice.

  • 2018.09.18
  • Shampoo appearance to fit that longed-for Orr Chan hair!
  • It is makeover on Orr Chan hair! Made shampoo "Hi!Baby" debutsheart01

    Humidity retention of defense cares by W Moi strike prescription to keep 15% of ideal hair fluid volumes!
    Furthermore, humidity retention of attack cares by 20 kinds of Chinese medicine ingredient Orient organic combination protecting the tradition beauty of Korea!

    Beating removes dirts clearly wellsign01
    As it is acidulous, it is kind to skinnote
    There are glossy two types with type softly glossily with moisturenote

    At time to be worried about drying from now on by all meansdash
    Let's obtain glossy hair like Orr Chan quicklyheart01dash

  • 2018.09.17
  • Topic becomes heated in SNS!
  • Topic becomes heated in SNSsign01

    In fact, this sponge ... which was going to become discontinuance of making
    It revived by request from all of youshineshine

    Other sponges are not usable anymore once if they usesign01
    This softness is habit-formingsign01sign01
    Foundation is finished neatlylovely

    Of the user series
    "Losey Rosa chiffon touch sponge"
    Please tryhappy01

  • 2018.09.14
  • ☆It is recommended to make in autumn!☆
  • Product to introduce this time
    It is "mini-palette eye gross stick"happy01

    With eye shadow of stick type
    To not only the whole eyelids but also eye bags

    In addition, as it is waterproof
    We keep color development beautiful all day
    We can do itlovely
    Furthermore, as is oil combination; as for the humidity retention care
    He/she doesheart04

    By stack coating easily as for the gradation
    We can providehappy02shine

    By all means using this autumn make
    We will enjoynote