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Mokubakan (sargasso Buchan)

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CATEGORY Beauty & cosmetics
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Plurally gather from cosmetics to makeup accessory, from sensitive skin of trouble and make of skin give advice.

  • 2018.03.21
  • ☆We have begun to handle at last!☆
  • From today eye liquid cosmetics series of scalp D
    We began the handling of thishappy01heart04

    Mascara, eyelashes liquid cosmetics, eyebrows liquid cosmetics ・ popular now
    We prepare eyelinerlovely
    Please come to the storeshine

  • 2018.03.18
  • ☆It is new product from watches pouch☆
  • From watches pouch which are popular in lam shadow
    Teak and cushion foundation come updash

    Teak combines four kinds of herb extract ingredients
    Because we are doing, color development is natural even well for a long time
    We can keep a feeling of lusterhappy01
    In addition, all eight colors and color variations are abundant, tooshine
    And as it is with brush, and size is compact, too
    It is convenient for carrying aroundnote

    Humidity retention power keeps cushion foundation for a long time highly
    As we do, it is recommended toward the dry skinhappy01
    It is skin care, the groundwork, sunscreen, foundation again
    In this, he/she plays all roles in one thisheart04
    In addition, case is pretty, toolovely

    Use once by all means both as cost performance is good

  • 2018.03.17
  • ☆In SNS in topic! "Le ment"☆
  • Product to introduce this time is "sparkling oil cleansing & shampoo" of Le ment (rumento)heart04

    When that celebrity model used this product habitually, it became topic in SNSsign01shine

    We can thoroughly enjoy head massage of highly-concentrated oil of deluxe salon specifications carbonate at homelovely

    Do you not begin scalp care by this head massage?