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Mokubakan (sargasso Buchan)

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CATEGORY Beauty & cosmetics
TEL 092-721-7780
WEB http://www.ohga-ph.com/shop/detail.php?seq=121&type=3&area=1

Plurally gather from cosmetics to makeup accessory, from sensitive skin of trouble and make of skin give advice.

  • 2018.01.14
  • ☆The pimeru liquid cosmetics mascara groundwork☆
  • Product to introduce this time of pimeru
    It is "liquid cosmetics mascara groundwork"happy01

    Eyelash curler patch re-upswing having just finished doing
    For curl sign01and long time keepingnotes
    In addition, we prevent blur, panda eye,
    It becomes topcoat of mascarasign01
    Water which can be off with hot water more
    It is proof prescriptionsign01sign01

    Please use by all meanslovelyheart04

  • 2018.01.10
  • ☆Cleansing strongest in 2017☆
  • Have trouble with cleansing recently
    Are you?
    We are doing care properly
    We feel that there is not noni effect
    Recommended product is located within one

    Basic of shierukururu
    It is cream (cleansing)shine

    2017 at cosmetic store
    It is the number of the sales third place in all products
    We get thiscrown
    There are many repeaters in Mokubakan
    It is producthappy02

    Please try onceheart02

  • 2017.12.29
  • There is a little the Gangwon-do limitation product remainder!
  • It is just longtime seller of Gangwon-do
    Moisture foundation
    It is now on sale with a limitation of period, amounthappy01heart04